Valerio Olgiati

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Residential building Zug Schleife . Zug

VALERIO OLGIATI . photos: © Javier Miguel Verme . drawings: © Archive Olgiati

Seen from a distance the floor plates projecting from the facade with their elliptical openings look like flying carpets with ornamental borders. For the residents these elliptical openings generate a sense of distance, since they prevent neighbours from seeing into each other’s apartments. At the same time the correspondence between each of these round forms and the individual apartments gives residents a feeling of living alone in a centre. The perception of space changes according to the point of view and the position of the sun.

RCR arquitectes

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Casa Entremuros . Olot

rcr arquitectes . photos: © Hisao Suzuki . + Acciaio Arte Architettura

WAA | Wiel Arets Architects

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Campus Hoogvliet . Rotterdam

WAA | Wiel Arets Architects . photos: © Jan Bitter . + baunetz

Campus Hoogvliet is a cluster of six buildings that together compose one academic and socially focused campus, located just outside of Rotterdam. These six new buildings–a sports center, an art studio, a safety academy, 100 residential units within one building, and two schools–have been plugged into a programmed tarmac that communicates the campus' boundary, and includes custom designed seating, a running track, and other place-making denotations.

e2a Eckert Eckert Architekten

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Neubau Primarschulhaus mit Turnhallen . muttenz

e2a eckert eckert architekten . + muttenz

3. Rang, 3. Preis

AZPML . Projmetal

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block 42 development . New Belgrade

AZPML . Projmetal

Reference to the rails and infrastructural lines:
Departing from the image of the rails and the infrastructural flows, the masterplan is formalized as an striated landscape.